About Us

it all started in 2020...

Hi Y'all! Dr. Bob and Angie here. We'd love to tell you the story of how we started our semi-van life! Grab a cuppa joe and I'm going to tell you a story. . .

Well, as it says above our photo it all started in 2020. The great Covid-19 pandemic had taken over the world changing everyone's lives as we knew it. After canceling our wedding (slated for May 2020), feeling depressed and cooped up, we took a road trip out to Cali to visit our amazing friends in Joshua Tree. We were driving back to our home in Texas in our little Honda CRV, Dr. Bob was trying to take a work call in the middle of nowhere (like many, we were working remote at the time) but we weren't having any luck getting reception. We pulled over and bargained with a small motel owner for a cheap night with a 5pm next day check-out so we could work from the hotel room until it was quitting time and we could get back on the road. This is when and where it started…Poor Dr. Bob had no idea what was coming next.

It seems as though quite possibly I had one of those mid-life crises things…or…it could be that I just finally wised up and decided life is too dang short not to follow your dreams. Whatever “it” was, I began researching working from an RV while traveling, I researched various size RVs and various brands. I went down so many rabbit holes and when I came up for air I had all but decided that we should buy a Winnebago Travato – a beautiful class B RV! YEAH! I figured out how to get connected so we could work, I learned all that I could about traveling in a van and then I presented my incredible partner with this crazy idea of mine. I mean – we had saved up for this big wedding (we ended up having an amazing Zoom wedding in our own lovely home) so we had the ability to work it out financially and to Dr. Bob's credit – he didn't say no when I blurted out this insane idea. Why should we sit at home and work when we could be seeing our amazing country working from the road? After much discussion, more research, and a lot of financial finagling and planning it seemed we could pull it off!

We traveled to Sequin, TX to visit Stahmann RV a lovely family owned RV dealer about an hour away. They had several brands of used Class B's along with a new K model floor plan of the Winnebago Travato (we ended up later purchasing the GL floor plan/model Travato but I'll be doing an informational blog post about that and will link it here). The moment we stepped into the Travato we knew this was going to be our choice. We shopped around, looked at some used deals but in the end Stahmann had exactly what we wanted, brand new and we only had to wait about two months – as it was in production when we put our name on it! Our Travato was supposed to come in a few weeks after our wedding (November 2020) but imagine our joy when it came off the production line early and we picked it up just a week prior to our wedding!! WHAT A GIFT! 

Since it was Covid times – we only had our families with us for the wedding and we were able to surprise them all with the van and show her off. Exactly one week after our wedding – I threw Dr. Bob in that van and we left Texas. We didn't know how long we'd be out, a few days? A week? We didn't know and we didn't care. We decided we'd just go with the flow and figure everything out on the fly. We stuffed our work computers in our bags and we hit the open road.  We were free! 

I can't wait to share our travel adventures, things we learned, and information we found useful with y'all! 

OH, and if you're wondering what happened that first trip?? We were gone for 62 days. 🙂